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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Investigation Levels

Prior to being granted any clearances or accesses, A person is investigated by the Government. Depending on the level of clearance and access the person needs, the Government undertakes one of the following investigations:

* LAC - Local Agency Check
* NAC - National Agency Check
* NACLC (National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check) *
* SSBI - Single Scope Background Investigation *
* SBPR - SSBI Periodic Reinvestigation
* SBI - Special Background Investigation
* EBI - Extended Background Investigation

Certain accesses require one to undertake one or more polygraphs:

* Polygraph - Counterintelligence Scope (CI, CI Poly)
* Polygraph - Full Scope / Lifestyle (FS, LS, Lifestyle Poly)

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