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Friday, June 18, 2010

Your Resume Impress or Distress?

You carefully drafted and crafted your resume. You targeted, translated and revised it more than a few times. Before you send it out into the cold, cruel world, understand one important thing about your resume.

You spent way more time on it than a potential employer will…at least initially. It’s no secret that the competition for existing jobs today is beyond stiff with employers sometimes receiving hundreds of resumes for one job opening.

This rather dismal fact of life means your resume has to stand out. It has to outshine the others big time. It has to truly grab the attention of the person reading it. And, as if that isn’t enough already, it has to manage to do this in 30 seconds or less. That, sadly, is about all the time it will get before an employer decides to keep it for follow-up later on or toss it into the ever-growing thanks, but no thanks stack.

Even when the unemployment rate is not hovering near the 10% mark, potential employers just don’t take or make the time to read your sterling document of qualifications word for word on the first round of resume eliminations.

Granted, it doesn’t seem fair. Alas, dear job seeker, it is what it is.

Once you’ve accepted the painful reality of it all, go the extra step to increase your chances of making it to round two and a potential more.

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