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Friday, November 16, 2007

U.S. Marines Hiring Civilian Military Police (MPs)

The Marine Corps is hiring more than 1,500 civilian law enforcement
officers to serve at Marine bases in the United States. This will
alleviate Fleet Assistance Programs whereby operational units must
provide Marines to base provost marshals’ offices for MP duty.

The civilian force will have the same responsibilities as Marine military
police, will bear the same arms, and will have arrest authority.
Applicants must have clean criminal records and must successfully
complete an eight-week Marine Corps law enforcement course similar to
the basic military police course.

Their paygrades upon acceptance will range from GS-7, beginning at $31,740, to GS-13, starting at $66,951. Pays can be higher, based upon locality and prior experience. Hiring, which may begin immediately, will be carried out by each base, and is
expected to be complete by 2011. Civilian MPs will wear uniforms similar to other professional civilian police officers.

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