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Friday, October 12, 2007

Employee Security Connection Highlights Insider Threat

Employee carelessness remains one of today’s most urgent security vulnerabilities.

Experts say that 75% of security breaches are “inside jobs” — like the untrained employee who inadvertently reveals sensitive or classified information . . . or the worker who succumbs to social engineering ploys . . or the polite employee who neglects to challenge unescorted visitors wandering through your sensitive work areas.

Malicious or careless, the insider threat grows. Your employees will learn the telltale signs of a malicious insider and how to head off insider abuse before it costs your company big bucks.

Workers needn’t be tech-savvy to spill company secrets. Your employees will discover key ways to limit their risk and reduce your employer’s liability.

Weaknesses found in classified information procedures. A new report shows a high error rate among those classifying documents.

Personal security tips to increase security on the job and the homefront. This Fall issue examines the latest email scams, business travel risks, ID theft countermeasures and how to bridge the digital divide between parents and their cyber-savvy children.

Case Study: Social Engineering Snags Unsuspecting Workers. Could your employees be tricked into revealing sensitive, or even classified, information? Here we look at lessons learned from the recent security test run by IRS in which 60% of employees fell prey to a social engineering scam.

Classified Data, Corporate Secrets Leaked Via P2P File Sharing. Do your employees know the risks associated with file sharing? Here we provide some recent examples in the news of sensitive data finding its way onto peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks.

Email breach serves as reminder: A Los Alamos National Laboratory worker broke security rules recently by emailing a classified document on an unclassified lab network. Now both the worker and the lab are on an extremely short leash.


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